About Farook Khan Razvi

Muhammad Farooque Khan Razvi is one of the world’s most renowned Islamic scholar of the Indian subcontinent. Born in Nagpur – India, he completed his LL.B (Law) from Nagpur University and at the same time, he completed his study of Islamic Theology under the guidance of Shaykh Muhammad Ghulam Mustafa ‘Alaihi Rehma.

Muhammad Farooque Khan Razvi has written over 40 published books and countless other articles on various Islamic Topics. But “Kareena-E-Zindagi” is still remains his most famous and classic book that have been so far translated into over 100 languages.

In 2001, Muhammad Farooque Khan Razvi founded the Sunni Hanfi Organization which aims to spread the true knowledge of Islam and the teachings of ‘Ala Hazrat Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan to entire Muslim Ummah [His teachings are the true teaching of Prophet Muhammad (Salal La Hu ‘Alai Hi Wasal’lam)] .

Muhammad Farooque Khan Razvi has, up until now, delivered numerous speeches on over more than 1000 Islamic Topics all over India. His pattern is to call out and exposed Wahhabis or Pseudo Salafis for their “lies, treachery and insulting the Prophet and his noble family”. He shows their videos on projector screens and then refutes their lies in the light of Qur’an and Hadith.

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